Happy Weekend

No matter who you spend it with or what you celebrate, have a spectacularly happy Weekend! 


Celebrating Dad Early

I love you Dad. 
Thank you for always encouraging me and being my biggest fan. 
Enjoy Canada with Mom!


More Yellow!

1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE (not an upholstered chair but I love this too) / 4 HERE

It surprises the pants off of me that I'm going gaga over pops of yellow vinyl (or leather) in a room. But I am! Especially the chair in 4. It's a pretty traditional shape but with the shiny vinyl and painted yellow legs it takes on a modern feel in that simple white room. It's bright, fun, happy and super easy to clean. I have been hankering for a reupholstery project. A chair like that would be so great in my son's room! Think about it... he couldn't destroy it if he tried! Pee on it? wipe it off and disinfect. Color on it? magic eraser baby. Spilled milk, juice (anything really) and it's a soup and water clean up. 

Have you been noticing bright vinyl pops of color in rooms? What colors? Have you tackled the project already? Or do you think anything vinyl is vile? I'd love to hear!


Thank you Lulie!

I came across these prints by Lulie Wallace while "window" shopping at Anthropologie. They are colorful and happy and would look amazing in my girls room. They are also inspiring me to pull out my paints. I've been saying for some time now that I want to start painting again. I think it's about time!!

Do you have any artwork in your home that you did yourself? I think it makes a home so inviting and warm when the walls are sprinkled by the hands of the family living there. Off to dig out my paints!

Check out Lulie's site. It's beautiful, inspiring and makes ya want to paint flowers all over your walls!


It was the wallpaper

.found here.

I love the look of wallpaper! But putting that stuff up... don't love!

Years ago, before wallpaper was available in beautiful modern designs, I decided to tackle my first wallpaper DIY. My master bedroom. The walls were already wrapped in floral powder blue and yellow wallpaper... needless to say ripped it right off. After much deliberation I decided to go for wallpaper again. I chose a neutral stripe that I thought would be much easier to match than the floral that once was. I was right. But it was about the only easy thing about putting up that wallpaper. I'll put it this way... I'm divorced now... And looking back, that may have been the beginning of the end...
In that room. Wallpapering. Together.

left .pinterest here.      right. pinterest here.

I don't need to tell you that wallpaper is back in a big way! I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE. Magazines, DIY network shows, blogs and Pinterest. BUT hot digity dog folks... you can get the look of wallpaper without having to actually wallpaper! It's so freaking exciting!!

That being said, if you are an Angel with the patience of baby Jesus, then you get to be one of the few who has the privilege to use some of these and these and these amazing papers. THen you and only you will lovingly yet happily flock your walls with them. Aren't they so beautiful!? LOVE

If you are not an Angel with the patience of Jesus... (must I tell you which one I am?)

You can get walls like this and this and this
By (1) stenciling or (2) using removable sticker wall coverings.

I'm so excited to try these techniques. What a great way to add that show stopping something to an entry way, bathroom, or ceiling that otherwise would be the end of a relationship ordinary. Perfect for someone renting that doesn't want to, or can't, make a true wallpaper comitment. Right?

Have you tried these techniques yet? How did it work for you? I'd love to hear!

(No I did not get divorced all because of wallpapering a bedroom. Just a little dramatic effect.... 
But truthfully it was not pretty! The walls or the wallpaper-ers. Hehehehe)