More Yellow!

1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE (not an upholstered chair but I love this too) / 4 HERE

It surprises the pants off of me that I'm going gaga over pops of yellow vinyl (or leather) in a room. But I am! Especially the chair in 4. It's a pretty traditional shape but with the shiny vinyl and painted yellow legs it takes on a modern feel in that simple white room. It's bright, fun, happy and super easy to clean. I have been hankering for a reupholstery project. A chair like that would be so great in my son's room! Think about it... he couldn't destroy it if he tried! Pee on it? wipe it off and disinfect. Color on it? magic eraser baby. Spilled milk, juice (anything really) and it's a soup and water clean up. 

Have you been noticing bright vinyl pops of color in rooms? What colors? Have you tackled the project already? Or do you think anything vinyl is vile? I'd love to hear!

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