Paint it good as new!


Step 1- clean off the frame with a damp cloth and let it the piece dry commpletely.

Step 2- Tape off the area to be painted.

Step 3- Give it a good two coats. Dry

That's it... hang it up and smile!

While dinging around online yesterday I came across Morgan's beautiful blog called The Brick House. She posted some pictures showing off her painted frames and I couldn't resist trying it too!

I have had this gold mirror for ages and its been taunting me for a make over lately. This project looked like a fast, easy and cheap way to make over my old mirror. I had some paint in the house already. I wasn't sure how I'd like the white but it turned out better than I expected. I Love it!
(That fireplace is another story! We're renting this place for a short time so i'm not sure if I want tackle that project. But oh boy, it sure needs something!)

Do you have any frames you can jazz up around the house? It's such a fast way to add a little fun to an otherwise blah piece. Let me know if you try it!

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