Dresser Re-do


Before. An old apartment from about 5 years ago. Had to really dig to find a before picture!

I have a before and after to share. My dad made this dresser in 1981 for my sister's nursery and it's been passed around in the family ever since. At one point my mom painted parts of it black. And up until about a week ago that's how it stayed... hopping around different rooms of the house for the last few years.

I sanded all the exposed wood (the longest part off the project). Then painted the body gray with an oil based porch and floor paint. It shines and is really durable and has great coverage over the black. I painted polyurethane over the stained areas for extra protection. New silver pulls at the end and it's done!

I love how it turned out! In fact i had so much fun working on this piece I'm re-doing another in my garage. I have a notebook full of ideas to work on around the house and will be sharing them frequently. So come on back and see me!

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